Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Little Thought I Had Last Night at Midnight

As usual. The time when my brain runs wild and I think about random crap that can sometimes turn into useful shit, and others just.. mush.
but, anyways... what was that thought, exactly?
Music and Sexism.
I know, weird topic. But... really, its true. When people think of certain genres of music or instruments or anything to the effect, often times that specific genre/instrument is associated with either male or female... that bothers me a bit.
Like... most orchestral instruments, such as violin, viola, cello, and even piano are associated with females. Many band instruments, such as trumpet, drums, bass, and, most of all, the guitar are associated with males.
The one I'm going to focus on mostly today is that last one. The guitar.
When most people think of famous, legendary guitarists, they think Slash, Jimi Hendrix, Van Halen, Neil Young, that dude from Styx who's name has currently slipped my mind, George Harrison, etc. Notice how a female's name never comes to mind. If any woman guitarist WERE to come to mind, I would think that it would most likely be Joan Jett, back when she was still a member of The Runaways... but that name doesn't often come to the mind of anyone who isn't the least bit educated in legendary guitarists...
SO. As I was saying. The guitar is a very sexist instrument. I'm actually fairly surprised that no one has ever really... looked into that, if that's the right term. I'm sure there are woman out there today who are trying to change that, but can't overcome the sexist wall that's been slammed down over the instrument's... jeez, my mind is being horrible with thinking of words today... so lets go with variety.
But my main focal point that I'm trying to covey here, is why. WHY isn't anyone trying to change it? And if they are, why haven't they found the will or bravery or whatever to overcome it?
Now, don't think I'm talking down to these people who are making the effort to try and change this... I look up to them, very much so. My only question is, are they trying hard enough?
... here's where I come in.
I know this is going to sound stupid, unachievable, silly, crazy, whichever word you prefer to describe the quarter of a brain that I have, but... if no one else is going to make the huge effort that is needed to change this, I will.
I'll make that effort.
Whatever other people think of me, that doesn't matter. I WILL change this.
I'm not sure exactly how or when, but I will somehow.
You just watch.
Someday, somehow, the guitar will no longer be a sexist instrument. You'll no longer think of JUST Slash or Jimi Hendrix or Neil Young; you'll think of a variety of people... which with not only be men, but women as well.
Women deserve that credit.
We work towards it to. It's not just the guys who have the natural, raw talent in this world, though that may be how people have come to think of it... but, in some cases, it IS the women who have more of that raw talent than the men do.
This will be changed.
No doubt about it.
and that, my friends, concludes my little thought. Thank you. =]

Monday, August 23, 2010


Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. Late entry.
Well... EXTREMELY late entry. The concert was about a month ago. xD I've been procrastinating, okay?!


so I went to ze Green Day concert.
They played for three hours. THREE. HOURS. I mean, really. What band in this modern day and time ever plays a concert for three hours anymore?
Yeah... I thought so. None.
Except Green Day. =D
It was amazing... there was just.. no words. No words to even vaguely DESCRIBE how amazing it was.
All the acoustic songs they did were just.. beautiful... and the other ones were just.. utterly amazing.
Then.. he brought kids up no stage, like, one to play the drums, one to play the bass and one to play the guitar.. the guitar kid was a girl, and i was just like... "WHY COULDN'T THAT HAVE BEEN ME?!"
but yeah... so the chick played the guitar, then Billie signed it and gave it to her.
yeah, I REALLY wish that was me.
but, despite that.. it was just.. like I've said how ever many times already, awesome.
Tre was hilarious. xD
well... they all were. Well, Mike didn't do anything OVERLY hilarious, but... it looks quite funny when he jumps. xD
So... I would post all my pics, but, one... well, they're crappy as hell and two... heh, this is gonna make me sound really lazy, but... I don't feel like it right now. xD
I'll get around to it eventually.
My videos suck as well (jeez, mom, you coulda let ME record it! i swear, she was all over the place.. she taped my ass for ten seconds) so yeah... the longest one we have is about two and a half minutes.
But, hey, she did get my fave verse of Letterbomb. I'm happy about that.

So... anyways... that is all I can think of to describe.
So that is all that I will describe.
but, hey, more GD related news!
Now i only need two mroe to complete my collection of their albums. yay :D
and, y'know (hey, I'm turning into Billie; I constantly say "y'know" xd) that album REALLY needs a parental advisory stamp.
I find that pretty hilarious that they put the stamp on 21st Century Breakdown but not Nimrod.
Y'know what else is hilarious?
so, my friend's brother likes Green Day, right? So... he has tons of their music on his PSP, but.. the thing screwed up all the song names, so they're all switched around.
and... St. Jimmy and Wake Me Up When September Ends are switched.
That is the WORST mixup EVER XD

So... yeh. NOW that's all.
I'll try to update sooner if I have any more breaking news for y'alls to read, whoever does read this. YAY!

... peace.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

So... two days!

Two days until GREEN DAY!
aaand.... ALISA CAN COME! WOO!
So, I've decided on several things.... those things being..
One, there are three songs I MUST get videos of. They're probably gonna be crappy videos, considering that I'll be in lawn seats, but... I'll make it work!
Two, Iiiiii.... am gonna buy a shirt xD and... hey... you never know, they MIGHT have a poster of Billie xD if they do, well, its going up on my freakin' wall no matter WHAT.
so yeah. I've decided on those things. =D It totally just hit me that I'm ACTUALLY going to see them. Its like... wow. At first it was like, "OH MY TOWEL I CANT WAIT!" but now its like... oh my towel (yeah, don't ask xD)... it's actually gonna happen... I'm actually gonna BE there. Within a MILE of them.
well, obviously within a MILE, but... hell, I don't know exactly how big that venue is. Obviously not THAT huge, but... still.
I'll be near them.. sorta.
THIS IS SO EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But... i just found out... Billie went blonde again. So he's gonna be blonde unless he dyes his hair back WHICH HE SHOULD but probably won't.
So... Billie's blonde DX NOOOOEZ!

Considering I can't think of anything to say anymore, I shall end this post with a really awesome picture that I'm gonna go find.

Yeah. Could that BE any awesomer?!

Edit: Yeah, it would be a bit awesomer if it didn't screw up like that.... aw, hell.... xD

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Today... and most likely Brad Pitt...

Lets start with today, shall we?
today was... fun. I went to Seabreeze with my dad. In case you've got no idea what the hell that is, its a really awesome amusement park here where I live.
it was AWESOME.
We went on this thing called the Whirl Wind... friggin best ride EVER... its this roller coaster that goes every which way and the car spins... Iiii.. can't explain it. google it or something. xD
And we went on the pirate ship thing... in which I impersonated Jack Sparrow. that was fun.
"NO! its MY jar of dirt!"
Yeeeaahh.... xD
And then I won this really adorable stuffed wolf at some weird game... its SO cute... which is why i decided to name it Billie... yep.... xD Billie. not Brad. Billie.
... Braaaaaddd....
Brad Pitt is SO awesome...
i mean, really... look at this...
lets hope that posts right. I have a feeling it won't, but, hey... you never know.
but, anwyays...
Who agrees with me that Brad is awesome?
*cricket cricket*
well, that sucks. Cause he's a great actor.
In Ocean's Eleven. and Inglourious Basterds... and... other movies he's in who's names have currently slipped my mind.

but... considering its four AM right now, i can't think of much to say.... so... let me go listen to my Guns N Roses and other 80s rock music and try to catch this friggin annoying moth that's flying around my grandma's house right now.


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Def Leppard

So... i really like Def Leppard now. xD I liked them before a little, but then I went into some of my mom's music today on iTunes... and started listening to them... they're AWESOME! I'm totally in love with their song Photograph... So.. I just wanted to say that... if you've never heard of/listened to Def Leppard, you MUST. They ROCK.

Man... I love vintage rock. xD It's the best music out there.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Phew... its been a while....

... since I posted in this blog. I'm not gonna come up with one of those lame excuses that I've been busy or some other crap, because, honestly, I haven't. I've just gotten away from this place. I highly doubt there's anyone out there who even reads this thing, but if there is... GREETINGS, EARTHLING!

But, hmm... Well, I haven't done much is the past few weeks. But. I did found out about seven minutes ago that I sound really bad when I'm on camera. Like, my voice sounds funny.
Though... I did go to a sleepover with a few friends... and watched a really creepy movie... Sleepy Hollow.
Johnny Depp is awesome, don't get me wrong, but that movie was creepy as hell... It was good, just creepy. Like Inglourious Basterds.
... le gasp... I'm turning into my father. DX He constantly references that movie. Or he asks every freakin' person in sight if they've seen it. So whenever someone comes over when I'm visiting him and he's not in the room, I always tell the person, "He's gonna ask you if you've seen Inglourious Basterds."

But anyway... I finally figured out how to make youtube work for me. I just can't upload anything on the administrator desktop... which is a major pain in the ass... but, hey. It works if I use my desktop.
So, low and behold, I've uploaded several videos that I've had waiting for God only knows how long onto youtube.

And... and, and, and....

Seventeen days until i get to be in that AWESOME lawn seating (XD) and barely be able to see the actual band on the actual stage! WOOHOO!
But, hey. At least I'm going. And Alisa BETTER be able to go with me.
She HAS to... it'll just be weird if I go with only my parents... they won't be as awkward around each other if they know I have a friend there... but if its only me then it'll be like, "oh well. She knows about all our crap, so we can be all awkward cause there's no one else to think its weird besides her."
If Alisa can't come, then I'm dragging SOMEBODY along with me. It'll probably be Eden.
She hates the crap outta Green Day, but... well, if you're in lawn seats, concerts are more about just hanging out, right? It's not like you're up front and all like WOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO! over the band... so... maybe that'll get her to go.

So, as of today, I'm starting a countdown to that concert.
i already screamed it in all caps, but I'm gonna do it again cause its fun:

Yeah. So this is the closing to the blog post that really has no meaning whatsoever, but, hey. At least I wrote something.
Wait, what the hell happened to the toolbar on this?! I can't make things in different colors and fonts like it used to be DX That sucks... Not that I ever edited my font, but... still. It was nice to know it was there.
R.I.P. Toolbar.

Okay, NOW here's the closing to this pointless and probably rather boring/irritating/totally funnily humiliating blog post...

Peace out.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The July Fourth Party...

Now, I'm going to tell you right now that I'm not a fourth of July person. Frankly, I'm so unpatriotic that it's not even funny.
... okay, it Is a LITTLE funny, but... whatever.

But, my dad and I went to a Fourth of July party yesterday... and...
it was... SO FUN!!!

But, what's really awesome is that the person having the party is a former actress. She's so cool. Her name's Susie. Well, here's her Wikipedia page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Susan_Gibney
Yeah. I swear, she's the coolest person ever! Well, next to MOI, of course, but... she's pretty awesome.
The rest of the family are pretty cool, too.
Like... ever hear of a game called Chubby Bunny?
If not, well, I'm not sure if you really WANT to know what it is, but I'll tell you anyway.
So, basically, you get a bunch of people, a bag of marshmallows, and stuff your face with the marshmallows. Whoever can fit the most marshmallows in their mouth and still say "Chubby Bunny" wins.
My dad almost won, but a marshmallow flew out of his mouth while he was shouting "CHUBBY BUNNY!" so he ending up losing. XD

Yeah. Then we did karaoke... oh, interesting. I didn't do it solo, obviously, but we did a whole group one on Sweet Home Alabama... it was fun. =) Though my dad was an epic fail at the air guitar attempt...

So, considering I can't seem to think of anything else that happened, I'm out. I think the reason for that may be that accidental sip of beer that I took... look, dad, you shoulda told me that it wasn't Pepsi! It tastes like merde... oh... that too xd merde. It means shit in french. Awesome, eh? When you say it, it sounds like your saying "blech" or something... so, it doesn't offend anyone! WOO!

Okay, NOW I'm out.